Synchronized Skating Club Amber

The senior category synchronized skating team, Amber, was founded in 2011. The team was composed of solo figure skating athletes who discovered a passion for this new sport in Latvia. In that very same season, Team Amber competed in the World Synchronized Skating Championship 2012.

To promote synchronized skating in Latvia, the society "Latvijas sinhronās slidošanas attÄ«stÄ«bai" ("For the Development of Latvian Synchronized Skating") was established at the end of 2014. The society is committed to promoting synchronized skating in Latvia and overseeing the creation and management of synchronized skating sports teams in the skating club Amber.

Club Amber is not only the sole synchronized skating club in Latvia but also the Senior category team Amber is the Latvian National Team in synchronized skating. Synchronized skating club Amber has competed in various categories, including Juvenile, Junior B, ISU Junior, and ISU Senior. Currently, due to a generational change of athletes, the club consists of two teams: Juvenile Amberlight and Amber Junior.

Amber teams have showcased their talent on various international stages, including six ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships.

Club Amber organizes a skating school for children and adults, whether they have little or no previous skating skills. We also extend a warm welcome to foreigners interested in joining our skating school to acquire their first ice skating skills. For those with previous experience in synchronized or single skating, we offer opportunities to join our synchronized skating teams, beginning at 8 years of age for team Amberlight and from 13 years for team Amber Junior. Our coaches are proficient in several languages, including English. Joining our skating school or teams provides a great opportunity to make new friends and become integrated into the local community!

Contact us and join our club: 

Coach Eva – phone +37126400630

The society "Latvijas sinhronās slidošanas attÄ«stÄ«bai" organizes the sole synchronized skating competition in Baltic region, the Riga Amber Cup, which has been officially included in the ISU competition calendar. Unfortunately, the 2023 Riga Amber Cup had to be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. We eagerly anticipate our return next season.

Key Events:

  • 2011: Establishment of Senior category team Amber.
  • 2014: Society "Latvijas sinhronās slidošanas attÄ«stÄ«bai" (For the Development of Latvian Synchronized Skating) was established 
  • 2017/2018 season: Long-time team skater and captain, Eva Čekanauska, assumed the role of the team's coach.
  • 2017: Formation of the Juvenile team, Amberlight.
  • 2018: Beginning of the skating school: the first skating training groups for both children and adults are organized. 
  • 2018: First Riga Amber Cup competition.
  • 2021: Formation of the Amber Junior team.

For more information about our teams and activities, please visit our Latvian pages and use the built-in browser translator.

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